A-EYE Remote App & AR Device UI Design

May 2018
DESIGNER: nothing

A-EYE 助手是为用户方便使用该品牌 AR 眼镜设备的遥控 App,用户在使用时无需摘下眼镜便可通过手机控制眼镜。客户的需求是界面简单清晰,最大化减少用户的学习成本,可以单手操作。所以最终版本舍弃了大面积的醒目渐变,但保留了少量色彩使整个产品仍可以给人轻巧而不清冷的感觉。

A-EYE Remote App is is a good companion to A-EYE AR glasses. users can control devices with one hand.

So the interface is clean and easy to use, users don't need much time to learn. Interaction can not be more simple, swipe and tap, users don't even need to take off glasses.  No interruptions, all you need to do is to enjoy.

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